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Interesting photo essay about the recent furor over the use of "God" in the Pledge and on our currency.
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Find your missing friends...

Burial 101 ...
What you need to know

A "must read" for anyone

We Support
Our Troops...

Great story about one soldier's experience on his R&R trip home.
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"The Beginnings"
The "Welcome" Page and a short history of Itazuke High school.
Itazuke Today
Alumni Association info pages, classmate listings, info about the CDs many links.
Itazuke Then
Things from the old days... pictures, maps, links to other websites, and lots more
Itazuke PDF Newsletters
Alumni Association pdf newsletters Click on name to download
Bumper Sticker
of the year....
"If you can read this, thank a teacher...
and since it's in English, thank a soldier!"

Reunion Pictures...
Pictures from several Reunions are here.
Kansas City
DC 2010 Facebook
The Itazuke Facebook group has many individuals posting photos; check them also
Our Music
Silly songs we used to sing, plus the "real" Itazuke Fight Song AND the original Alma Mater, created by Mr. Pino in 1955.
Japan Links
Links to Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and the hilarious "Engrish" page. Plus lots more.
Other Links
Lyrics to Itazuke Tower and a link to the ACC Air Force Band Site.

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Itazuke Dep School

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