Song: We From Itazuke

Song: Soran

Soran is one of the most famous ancient dance songs in Japan.  It seems that quite a few of our students participated in Japanese dance and thus are familiar with these songs.

Song: Tanko Bushi

Tanko Bushi is a famous Fukuoka coal mining song that  is very famous.

  • Tankō Bushi (炭坑節) is a Japanese folk song. Despite the term “fushi/bushi” found in its name, the rhythm is in swung, ondo style. It is a song about coal mining, and it refers to old Miike Mine in Kyūshū (Tagawa City). Tagawa is in Fukuoka prefecture.
  • At one reunion we had Japanese dancers dancing to the song and it amazed me as to how  many American students knew the music and and actually participated because they even knew the dance. It seems many of our students were taught this and other dances. It is often played and danced to at Obon in Japan an here in America at Japanese Bazaars.

Song: Itazuke Tower